Happy 4th of July!


I know it’s not 4th of July anymore but I still wanted to post some pretty pictures!!

I also don’t normally go out on July 4th but I wanted to try something new this year so we celebrated America’s birthday at Coney Island!

IMG_8430  IMG_8431

We wanted to pregame before heading out to Coney Island, so we went to Bait & Hook during their Happy Hour!

We got a dozen $1 oysters, lobster rolls, wagyu beef sliders, and salt & vinegar fries.


There was still some time before the fireworks started so we took some pictures at Coney Art Walls. Was super happy there was a mural of my one true love, Ronald McDonald!


Coney Island’s got a different feel to it after watching Dreams of a Requiem.


We ended the day by chowing down at the infamous Nathan’s, but we were so tired that we don’t remember much of our meal…

Overall, we had a pretty great 4th of July even though we went to one of the most crowded places during this holiday.

Hope you enjoy some of the pictures I took there! I was pretty tipsy throughout the day so some of the pictures came out wacky ha!

Jesse ♥

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