I’ve been participating in the 24-hour adventure race packed with challenges to explore all parts of NYC and to experience new things!

Screenshot of their NYC 2018 event page (

They’ve partnered up with No Barriers; an organization that believes that no matter what the circumstances and no matter what handicaps you may have, you can achieve the unbelievable.



This year I went with my family and Austin!

One of the challenges we had to do was to create a team intro as if it was a 90’s sitcom.


Another challenge was to serenade a stranger with a ukulele. I don’t have the video anymore but trust that he enjoyed my rendition of “Can’t Help Falling In Love” by Elvis!!

We also shared a doughnut among us without using our hands.

Pretending like you’re walking on the moon is a lot harder when gravity is involved!

We ended up ranking #79th place out of 321 teams which is pretty good! We got to the top 100’s!

We’re definitely going to aim for higher next year!

JesseΒ β™₯

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